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Aion Announces Mega Kinah Millions Event

Do you love the lottery? Do you love Aion? Well, then there’s an event on right now just for you! Over the next eight weeks, players of Aion will have a chance to win millions of Kinah.

The Mega Kinah Millions event starts this week and will be open to players of level 30 or higher. If your character is at least level 30, you can claim one Fortune Ticket a week. You can even claim on multiple characters, so long as they’re the appropriate level.

You’ve got six days to claim a ticket each week, with the rollover between Saturday and Sunday being the time that winnings go out. Drawings happen ever Saturday at 7:00PM CT over a 10 minute period, and each week will bring a new set of winners.

The top three winners are in for some big money. Third place gets a cushy 30,000 Kinah, but that’s nothing compared to the 30,000,000 for second place. Does that sound like a lot? Then be jealous of first place because they get a gigantic 300,000,000 Kinah prize. That’ll set you up for life!