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Wii U Launch Details – Price, Release Date, GamePad, Controller and Specs

We have been hearing a lot (un-officially) about the Nintendo’s upcoming console but today, for the first time, Nintendo has come up with some solid details regarding its release date, price and the specs. If price isn’t an issue for you, the console seems good enough to be added to your collection of gaming hardware. Following is the list of announcements made during the presentation:

The basic set will cost you ¥26250 or $338 that comes with a white console with 8GB of Flash memory and Gamepad. The premium set, however, gets a price tag of ¥31,500 or $405 with a black console version, 32 GB of flash memory, a Gamepad, two adapters and an HDMI cable.

If you want to buy a separate controller, it will cost you a hefty 13,440 yen, which is around $172. The ProPad (The One resembling Xbox’s controller) however, will cost you ¥5040, which is around $65.

Release Date
Finally, we have a confirmed release date i.e December 8, 2012. It’s just around Christmas so with no surprise; you will have plenty of time to enjoy.

The HD console will have 2GB of RAM (1GB as game memory and 1GB for System memory) and the Wii U discs will have a 25GB capacity.

Launch Titles and Social Networking
New Super Mario Bros and Nintendoland are told to be the launch titles along with Wii U.

I don’t know about you, but from neutral’s perspective, I am eager to see how Wii U will survive in the market with these prices in comparison to other consoles. PS Vita has been struggling since its launch but let’s just hope that Wii U will have a different story. If you have any opinion about the revealed details, let us know in the comments below.