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Nintendo TVii Brings TV to your Mii

Nintendo announced their new TV initiative for the Wii U earlier today at their Nintendo Direct conferences. The new TVii service will transform your Wii U console into an entertainment system with full Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and TiVo integration.

Using the unique Wii U GamePad, you have a great degree of control over how the service works and just what you’re watching. You can use the GamePad controller like a touch-screen remote, easily changing shows and services at the push of a button (Well, a screen).

You can also interact with Facebook, Twitter and Nintendo’s own social network, Nintendo Miiverse, through your remote whilst you’re watching things on TVii, making it a socially interactive experience at all times.

The TVii service will launch for free with the Wii U in the US and Canada, and will be included with the console at launch.