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Halo 4 Dev Diary Talks About The Creation Of Prometheans

Halo Waypoint has released a new 10-minute video documenting the process that led to the creation of the Prometheans, Master Chief’s menacing opponents in Halo 4.

The video features never-before-seen concept art and development footage, as well as in-depth commentary from “Halo 4” creative director Josh Holmes, franchise development director Frank O’Connor, executive producer Kiki Wolfkill, narrative director Armando Troisi, art director Kenneth Scott, as well as lead concept artists, animators, VFX artists and designers, the documentary offers a interesting look at the design process behind the first brand-new class of enemies in the “Halo” series since its inception more than a decade ago.

“There’s a degree of animalistic fierceness that maybe you didn’t see in previous games. Anyone who plays Halo goes, ‘Forerunners are the silver angular stuff with blue lights across it.’ That’s really the language kind of in a nutshell. For us it was important for us to break that, but still find kind of a mathematical organization.”

Halo 4 launches on November 6 for the Xbox 360.