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Arkham City Wii U Attempts to Showcase New Graphics

So there’s tons of Wii U talk going around the interwebs today and amidst the ferver of specs and launch lineup a few images of the Batman: Arkham City port were shown.

These screenshots were supposed to be showing off the capabalities of the Wii U and how it can match the graphical output of their competitors. I’m afraid to say that they fall considerably short of doing that.

At best, these look like they’re hitting the bottom of the Wii U’s graphical barrel and I’m really hoping these are some early “unfinished” shots and not indicitive of what the final product may look like. Now, this may also have something to do with the fact that original developers Rocksteady aren’t handling the port, that honor is going to Warner Bros. Montreal Burbank Studio.

Arkham City _Wii U 2

I guess we’ll get to see if the final product looks any better when Batman: Arkham City Armored releases with the Wii U on November 16th.

Source: Kotaku