Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Review Round Up

Reviews for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 have been released by all major gaming websites. Namco Bandai seems to have done a spectacular job with the game as we see all sites giving it a high score.

Here is a complete round up of the reviews packed in a neat list.

Joystiq – 4.5/5
This is Tekken’s thesis statement, in a sense – the complete distillation of everything the series ever was and everything it is now, which just so happens to be everything I could possibly want in a fighter.

GameInformer – 8.50/10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is one of the most refined fighters on the market.

Strategy Informer – 8.5/10
In mechanics, the game soars, offering awesome new takes on systems that made the original TTT title a must-have PS2 classic whilst also adding a modern flair and polish that makes it a stellar example that fighting games don’t have to all be about gaining extended revenue through costume and character DLC – it can be about packing in a great suite of impressive features from the word go.

IncGamers – 8/10
If you’re looking for something with depth and speed, but is more accessible and whacky than your average Tekken, then Tag Tournament 2 is going to provide what you’re looking for.

VideoGamer – 8/10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the best home console version of the series to date, though the series’ core fundamentals could definitely do with a shake-up by the time Tekken 7 rolls around.

OXM UK –  8/10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 doesn’t offer quite enough over its predecessor to warrant any sort of classic status, but it’s unquestionably another masterful piece of work from a team who have been doing this sort of thing forever.

GiantBomb – 4/5
Tekken’s tag moves help freshen up the fighting and make TTT2 stand apart from the last couple of Tekken releases, and it’s a solid reminder that Namco is still capable of making vibrant, exciting fighters.

GamesRadar – 4/5
If you’ve ever found yourself enjoying a Tekken game, TTT2 won’t disappoint.

NowGamer – 9.1/10
With pretty much every character and mode that has ever appeared in a Tekken game and then some, TTT2 is the perfect counterpoint to Final Showdown’s straight-edged technical brawls.

Official PlayStation Magazine – 8/10
It’s so much fun, we can almost look past its creepy girl-fascination, and can just about forgive it for occasionally confusing presentation.

IGN –  7.5/10
With its gigantic roster, in-depth character customization options, and breadth of modes, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is definitely a worthy addition to the franchise.