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Medal of Honor Warfighter “Fireteams” Trailer

The latest trailer from Danger Close in their Seal Team 6 series is out now, and this latest trailer is all about Fireteams. As with the other videos in the series, there are real Tier 1 Operators (Faces blurred for security reasons) discussing just how Fireteams are handled in real-life situations.

This trailer does suffer slighly in a lack of gameplay being shown, but that’s not the worst thing in the world. We still get to see gameplay and we’re given an idea of what kind of realism Danger Close want to bring to the series with support from the Tier 1 Operators.

To sum things up (Skip to the video if you’d rather watch it), Fireteams work on a two-man system. You can see an outline of your partner so long as they’re within a certain distance so you’ll know where they are. In-game mechanics-wise, your Fireteam partner can support you in more ways than just being visible. If you’re shot down and your buddy kills your assassin quickly then you get to respawn instantly behind your partner. You can also trade health and ammo between each other and co-ordinate your Support Actions.

Fireteams are all about the co-operative play, and it’s Danger Close’s wish that they help to support more teamwork between players in the future even when you’re not paired up in a Fireteam.

And the video itself: