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Insomniac Brings You Fuse, The Better Version Of OverStrike

Chances are that you have forgotten about a game called Overstrike. Last year Insomniac Games announced the FPS title at EA’s E3 conference. However, all traces of it disappeared soon after that.

Two weeks ago at PAX Insomniac Games announced yet another FPS title by the name of Fuse. So the question is that what exactly happened to Overstrike? Was it abandoned in favor of Fuse or was it changed to make way for Fuse?

The reality is that Fuse is in fact Overstrike. The game carries a lot of things from the originally announced title but features some new elements as well.

First off Insomniac Games has changed the tone of the game. The agents in the game have undergone visual changes, leaving behind the previous cartoon features.

The title ‘Fuse’ refers to an alien substance which undergoes powerful molecular changes on any substance it comes into contact with, which is usually an explosive effect. You can see why major organizations around the world are bent on taking control of it’s power.

The game has four weapons which players can wield. These are powered by the same alien substance, Fuse, and brings new abilities to the table as a result of coming in contact with other materials. Hence, players will be able to choose from a variety of different multiplayer classes.

Let’s take a look at the team now.

  • First up is Dalton, the team leader. He uses the Mag Shield which absorbs all the kinetic energy of projectiles fired on it and can discharge that energy back to the enemies. His shield helps to absorb a lot of damage.
  • Second is Jacob, the sniper. He uses the Arc Shot which shoots out white bolts that disintegrate enemies on contact.
  • Third is Naya, the assassin. She uses the Warp Rifle giving her stealth abilities. The rifle can create black holes that eat away enemies and can make her invisible.
  • Fourth is Izzy, the power house. Izzy uses the Shattergun which crystallizes enemies and then turn to shards after being blasted with the shotgun.

It’s interesting to know that you can switch between each character of the group while playing. This is possible in the multiplayer as well where you can swap to an empty slot. However, if all four slots are taken by players that any player choose to reject or accept the proposed switch.

All abilities of each character have been designed to work together for better results. Send in Dalton to provide cover as Naya goes behind enemy lines for a sneak attack. Take out the strongest ones using Jacob’s Arc Shots and then Izzy can charge ahead to reduce the enemies to shards.

Insomniac Games mentioned that during the development of Overstrike they realized they could make the game even better hence the overhaul.

Every IP goes through changes. What we showed at the time was what we expected the game to be. But as we continued to go further into production, we realized that the game would be better all around if we didn’t hold back.

Being a new game with newer game elements, Fuse looks to provide all that Overstrike did and more.

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