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Inside Assassins Creed III: Episode Three

If you’re curious to see how much time, effort, money and expertise it takes to make AAA titles (and it’s a lot) then you should really check out this fascinating video.

What really surprised me about this video, is the extent to which these developers go, to get things authentic. They brought in a whole host of experts on history, axe combat, parkour and language, just to name a few.

The end result, is a very fluid and realistic character. Connor, the main character, glides through environments as if jumping from tree to tree was as natural to him, as breathing. From the video alone, the combat looks just, well, fun. The way he dispatches his targets is brutal, yet done in such a clean and efficient manner. Hopefully the game is as fun to play, as it is to watch.

Assassins Creed III comes out on October 30th for the 360 and PS3 and the 20th of November, for PC.