Home Tycoon Brings Virtual City Builder For PS3

A post made on Sony’s official blog tells of Home Tycoon, a city builder which is coming soon for the PS3 Home.

Just like any city builder, users will be able to erect their very own metropolis. If they wish to do so then they can also share their city with their friends.

According to the post, Home Tycoon will feature many story-driven missions, activities, vehicle driving, stunts and over 50 avatar rewards to unlock.

In the buildings department there will be over 60 unlockable buildings. In other departments you can place luxury homes, public parks, power plants, hospitals, police stations, etc.

Similar to Sim City, you just won’t get away with building a skyscraper. As Mayor it’s your job to constantly monitor the city for any problems. There will be city wide fires, nuclear meltdowns, riots being brought out, etc. You will have to look into each problem and bring about a remedy for each one.

Key Features of Home Tycoon:

  • Build your dream city from a bird’s-eye view and explore it at street level as your PlayStation Home avatar
  • Balance your economy to maximise your city’s income, growth, and happiness
  • Create custom racetracks and drive like a maniac with your friends
  • Compete on the leaderboards and visit other cities at the Train Station
  • Make your city shine with dynamic day and night controls
  • Expand your empire with mission packs, unlockable building rewards, and suburb cities