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EA Begins to Hire Fleeing Zynga Employees – Payback?

So the cruel mistress of irony has finally hit game developer Zynga pretty hard.

Around this time last year Zynga was hiring up every single EA executive and employee it could find and, some might say, using their insider knowledge to piggyback on EA’s success. Soon after, that same piggybacking led to some legal action from EA and tons of public outcry about Zynga’s somewhat shady business practices.

Well now, “the shoe is on the other foot” as they say, as EA has begun to hire employees fleeing from Zynga’s sinking ship. According to the LA Times the animosity from EA doesn’t extend to all Zynga’s employees and is a good way to really be the bigger man in this battle. It also helps that plenty of laid off Zynga employees were leaving resumes with EA already.

EA Human Resources Vice President Gabrielle Toledano explains,

Zynga people have good skills and experience, they’ll have no trouble finding jobs elsewhere in the game industry.

She also mentions that “several” applicants have been hired on already and will prove very useful as EA expands into more free-to-play markets; markets those Zynga employees helped to create.

It looks like Zynga’s reign of Facebook terror may be coming to an end and EA is reaping all the benefits.

Source: Los Angeles Times