Apple Reveals The iPhone 5

Today was an important day for Apple because it marked the official unveiling of the new iPhone.

Tim Cook, president of Apple took center stage during their presentation and revealed the new iPhone 5. He stated that it was “the most beautiful product” they had ever made.

Boasting a 7.6mm thickness, it’s 18% thinner than the last model and is the lightest of all the iPhones yet.

While the width of the phone remains the same, Apple has increased the height bringing the resolution to 1136 x 640.

The phone also features a 326ppi retina display, an A6 chip with graphics that are twice as fast as the A5 and a longer battery life of 8 hours.

Off course the new A6 chip will come pretty handy with games. Apple went ahead and demonstrated EA’s Real Racing 3 which will be released later this year.

Moving on the iPhone 5 features a 1080p, 8-megapixel camera, a 5-element lens and f/2.4 aperture. Finally a new power cord also comes to play with the new phone. The new cord is smaller and can be plugged in either way.

The iPhone 5 will be available in two colors (Black/White) and three models:

  • 16GB model ($199)
  • 32GB model ($299)
  • 64GB model ($399)

The pre-orders for iPhone 5 will begin on September 14 while the phone will ship on the 21st of the month.