A Look at MyCareer Mode in NBA 2K13

The My Career mode in upcoming NBA 2K13 is a neat little thing, allowing you to create a player that represents yourself right in the midst of things. As the name might suggest, this mode lets you work that character up from small beginnings up until they’re in the big leagues with the NBA superstars.

You might remember a similar mode from the previous titles with a similar name; MyPlayer. Well, My Career is an expansion on the things that made that original gamemode so much fun. They’ve revamped a lot of things to help set this aside from the original.

This developer diary from 2K features “Ronnie Singh” as he progresses his career all the way from being a draftee to winning an NBA championship versus the L.A Clippers. And if that’s how basketball works, then how come I’m not a superstar yet? Looks easy enough to me. You can check out the dev diary here: