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Terraria Is Being Remade For Consoles

What some might call “the 2D Minecraft” has been keeping PC gamers entertained for many moons now is finally making it’s way into the faraway lands of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Better yet, it’s getting some new content again apparently.

PC gamers were kind of upset when the announcement went out that there was going to be an end of game updates, but could this mean renewed hope for future content on both PC and consoles?

The announcement came earlier today on the official Facebook page for Re-logic’s game, declaring a Xbox Live and PlayStation Network release (Sadly they’ve left Nintendo out of the loop).

A press release came out shortly afterwards with the additional details, citing an early 2013 release for the port. With a bit of luck we’ll see the title on consoles by January!

If there is definitely going to be new content in the port, then I can only hope that it does indeed make it’s way onto PC as well, and that Re-logic don’t leave out their original fanbase in favour of “selling out”.