Infinity Blade Series Goes on Sale Day Before Apple Keynote

If you’re a fan of iDevice or Android games like I am then you’ve probably had a go at Chair Entertainment’s popular Infinity Blade and its sequel; you may even be excited for the new Infinity Blade: Dungeons that was announced recently. If you haven’t though, you can pick them up today for even cheaper!

If you’re not in the know, Infinity Blade is a swipe based sword fighting game set in an awesome sci-fi universe. It’s easy to learn gameplay and game mechanics have been imitated a lot lately in the app store, most recently with the Avengers Initiative game featuring the Hulk, but it seems no one can duplicate the awesomeness.

It’s interesting to see this sale happening the day before the Apple Keynote. In past years, other game developers like Epic have put their games on sale before announcing a new game that Apple just so happens to use to show off a new device’s capabilites. So could we potentially see Infinity Blade: Dungeons tomorrow as Apple shows off the iPhone 5?

Maybe yes, maybe no, either way Infinity Blade is available for $.99 and Infinity Blade 2 is reduced to $2.99, so go give them a try if you haven’t already!