Darksiders 2 Becomes The Highest Selling Game in US For August

Both Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs launched in the US on August 14th and since then Darksiders 2 seems to have won the race with 247,000 copies sold to Sleeping Dog’s paltry 172,000. These sales took place in the first two weeks.

While at first glance the Darksiders 2 figures might seem to overshadow Sleeping Dogs, it’s important to note that the latter’s PC sales are not included in the report. The PC sales could not be counted as the PC version is only available online in the USA, no boxed retail version is available.

You can see the report here.

As you can see, Darksiders 2 took the number-one spot for sales this August, with New Super Mario Bros 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance following it. The report also details some Hardware sales, with the Xbox 360 selling 190,000 consoles and being the highest selling platform in the US for the month.