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Marvel Heroes Video Interview – ‘It Won’t Be Pay To Win’

A new video interview has arrived, from PAX Prime 2012. In it, we get some Iron Man gameplay while Associate Producer Matt Group, clears up how the game will play. If you’re curious as to how they’re going to adapt an action rpg into an mmo setting, then you’d better watch this interview.

Based on the interview, they really seem to have cracked the code, on how to make a successful action rpg, mmo. Public combat zones allow players to feel like they’re in an mmo, while having instanced bosses takes away the frustration of having to wait, to fight a big baddie.

I can’t wait to play the game, to find out if they accomplished this seemingly impossible goal. Good thing the game is going to be free to play.

Group assures us that it won’t be pay to win, and that we will only be paying for new skins. Speaking of skins, apparently Marvel Heroes has license to create new costumes just for Marvel Heroes.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of these new costumes become so popular, that they show up in comics.