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Guild Wars 2 Warrior PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – First thing you need to know is that Warriors have a massive range of weapon choices. In the beginning just stick to every weapon you find until you can unlock more of your skills.

Keep at least a melee weapon and a ranged weapon in your inventory at all times. It’s even better if you have a tanky melee set, a ranged weapon and something for total DPS. At high levels, you can even push this to have two damaging sets of equipment, so you can swap between each during battle to maximize your skill use.

Warriors also have to take more risks than most professions. You’ll be one of the first ones to enter a battle zone and that basically means you’ll take damage sooner. Choose two sets of weapons and skills that you can swap quickly.

When you’re getting ready for a dungeon run or elite event, use the defensive set. Pick skills to negate conditions or keep you alive. Endure Pain is a gift from the heavens, and don’t ignore choices like Balanced Stance or Dolyak Signet for staying away from crowd-control abilities.

When you go through easy areas, have fun with aggressive attack skills. Buff yourself with “For Great Justice!” attack with Bull’s Charge, and relax.

PvP – In PvP, anything that applies or breaks crowd control is very useful. “Shake It Off!” It is just amazing because it helps your team avoid a number of negative effects. If you’re supporting a group that doesn’t have much anti-crowd-control power, you can have a bar with that and additional skills to break Stun.

Use Throw Bola to Immobilize foes out in the open, when they can’t do much but soak up damage from everyone who sees them. Stomp gives you AoE crowd control, and you should give them reason to fear it. You can throw around groups that stack up near doors and chokepoints without many preambles.

Battle Standard is an amazing elite skill for PvP. In a full group, this ability lets everyone avoid crowd control while increasing damage and reviving downed allies. You can turn around an entire battle by timing this properly. “I Will Avenge You!” It is similarly wonderful as a last-ditch way to get your team back on its feet.

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