Guild Wars 2 Ranger PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – The ranger is focused around keeping the opponent locked down, weakened and basically unable to do much to you while you drop their HP. Kiting is the ranger’s most potent weapon.

With your arsenal of Cripples, Chills, Knock backs, and Bleeds, the only time you should get close to enemies is when they’re dead. Keep either a longbow or short bow in a weapon slot at all times. Even if you prefer fighting up close, dropping an enemy to half health before the fight even starts is too powerful of an advantage to ignore.

Keep moving, if you have marksmanship, there is absolutely no reason to stand at one place and let them reach you. Practice strafing from side to side, this will make sure you’re still targeting and hitting the enemy while dodging backwards. Use traps and your pet to maintain distance.

The Ranger can fill almost any role when in a group, but it’s important to pick a definitive role. Don’t be a jack of all trades because you’re just going to lower your overall effectiveness.

A Wilderness survival/Nature Magic ranger with a sword and a Vitality pet can absorb quite a bit of damage. Use your Signet of Stone and Signet of the Wild and swap aggro between you and your pet.

On the other hand, a Beastmastery/Nature Magic ranger with a White Moa, Healing Spring, and Spirit of Nature can fill in as a group healer. Use Stone Spirit to give your tank protection occasionally. Furthermore, use Sun Spirit or Frost Spirit to increase party damage.

PvP – Rangers are an absolute nightmare to fight in PvP. They have so much kiting abilities that it can be nearly impossible to close the gap and take them down. And then they have their pets.

Although they can be very annoying to the enemy, rangers have some trouble securing kills. You won’t be bursting people down much, but dealing sustained damage over time. Ranger fights tend to last a really long time so remember to call for help once it starts, because your opponent will probably do so.

Stack conditions at range with your short bow and traps. If you can stay at range and never use your melee weapons, so much the better. Hit Quickening Zephyr early in the fight to cause high burst damage and throw your enemy on the defensive. Swap to your melee set and use the sword’s evasion attacks and the dagger’s cripples to get back to range quickly if anyone gets close to you.

Playing defensively gives the ranger the opportunity to choose the terrain for the fight and, more importantly, force enemies to attack through choke-points. Have a Spike Trap at the choke-point, and start raining arrows at them with Barrage (longbow) combined with Sharpening Stone or Poison Volley. If there are a lot of ranged damage dealers on your side, drop Healing Spring to keep your allies from suffering from as many conditions as your opponents.

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