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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – When start out as a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2, take stock of your weapons and abilities. Start with a good long-range set (scepter/torch or scepter/pistol) and one short-range pair (sword/sword combo). After level 10, Great swords become available, and surprisingly, they’re the best long range weapons for the Mesmer since most of the Mesmer great sword skills are ranged and get better as the distance between you and your opponent increases.

Having good, up-to-date weapons on Mesmers is critical. You wear light armor, so it won’t take much to bring you down, so you need to destroy them before they can get you. Control the battle as much as possible with your illusions and shatter abilities.

The Domination, Dueling, and Illusions trait lines offer a lot of power, in terms of helping to raise your attack strength and the destructive capabilities of your clones and phantasms. If you’re not sure what to take, grab traits that make your illusions stronger as they are the core of how the Mesmer fights.

You’ll never have to worry about getting kited though, as your Greatsword weapon skills deal more damage the further away the enemy is. Sometimes you can end a fight before it even reaches you.

Mesmers are at their best in a situation where they face human opponents in grouped battle, as then they can take full advantage of their buff/debuff abilities. As a Mesmer, you’ll also have access to the most powerful transportation and point control abilities in the game.

They are able to teleport themselves and others, in addition to two forms of mass-target invisibility. These are battle changing abilities, and they make Mesmers strong defenders on the field of battle, as well as a powerful means to take and hold positions.

The Chaos trait line is especially useful during PvP, as the additional endurance as well as the ability to make all your stealthing skills last longer are invaluable.

Remember to remove conditions from your allies and apply boons in their place. Similarly remove or steal boons on enemies and apply your conditions to weaken them further. Mesmers also have some heals that can really help your allies in a pinch.

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