Guild Wars 2 Guardian PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – Guardians need to understand their weapon selections, bring the right tools for the right battle, and let loose. They have a wide range of healing and support skills, some weaponry with major firepower, and heavy armor as well. While Guardians can solo quite effectively, their value goes way up when in a group.

A great sword and a mace and shield make for a terrific default weapon set. Great swords, hammers and maces are all quite enjoyable for killing enemies, though you should branch out and try out the other weapons and the skills that come with them. Guardians feel like an entirely different class when you switch to their more magical skills. Get used to the slower attack timings and range.

Make sure not to waste your Virtues. It’s easy to panic and blow all your skills in a fight, but try to keep a cool head. Remember that, as a guardian, you have a great deal of survivability.

You can afford to take a few seconds to take stock and see what’s going on. Use Justice only when you face off against a group’s toughest enemy. Don’t waste such a nice burn attack on some weakling that’s about to drop from your normal hits. Similarly, try to delay using courage until the opponent is about to unleash his most devastating attack. Correct timing can really save your entire team.

Guardians are quite susceptible to kiting as they do not have many gap-closer abilities. Use judge’s intervention on them and quickly try to lock them down and take them out before they can get away.

If they’re being particularly annoying, simply force them to fight on your terms. Guardians have many skills that block projectiles or set up barriers, when they see that their ranged attacks are having a little effect; they will either have to come face you face to face or keep up their ineffectual peppering. When they don’t approach, you get the time to flee and come back better prepared, and if they do, you destroy them.

PvE – Guardians are invaluable PvP and should focus on either running support or DPS. When assaulting points in a smaller squad, you might want to stick with maximum damage output and play as a damage-oriented character. When the groups get bigger and bigger, you start to have more influence as a healing and boon/condition character.

Guardians have so many powerful boons to offer it’s painful to pass them up when you’re able to buff large groups. Making five people hard to kill, healing them, and then adding direct damage and boons that raise their damage is a game changer.

This is not to say that you should play passive if you’re running a support build, though. Break out your hammer and smash things in between cool downs. Same for the DPS build, there’s no reason why you can’t throw around some boon and heals every now and then.

Make sure to switch your slot skills over when you’re shifting roles from personal battle (where mobility and damage output are your best friends) into something that augments the group.

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