Guild Wars 2 Engineer PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – Engineer is one of the most versatile classes, and I recommend that you obtain and get all the skills for the few weapons available to you as soon as you can. Gaining skill points is quite important because you want to develop a library of awesome utility skills. The bigger your bag of tricks, the more situations your engineer will be able to handle.

Engineers have to be smart when they’re fighting. The majority of your attacks and skills have area-of-effect damage and effects. As a wearer of medium armor, this may get you more attention than you want.

Practice your crowd control skills to control your enemies’ positions, whether you want them to be near or far. Have fun trying out different combinations of weapons, skills, and traits. With an armed kit, Elixir B, and the Rifle Turret, you are ready for just about anything.

Elixirs increase the survivability of both, you and your allies. Elixir B is a great tool for exploring and solo survival. Equip the Elixir Gun and you get a whole suite of helpful skills with short cool downs, some damage, and group utility. You can use mines to lay traps for enemies and Grenades are great for ranged area-of-effect damage.

Bomb Kit deals the highest damage, but it’s also the riskiest kit since you don’t deal damage directly, and you’re usually left at close range, open to attack. The Flamethrower has damage and control abilities, so it’s the complete package.

Practice switching between weapon kits. You have to adapt your tools to the situation. If your group isn’t in danger, switch from the Elixir Gun to the Grenade Kit.

If you’re running around solo, use the Magnet ability from the Tool Kit to pull enemies in and then switch to the Bomb Kit to blast the gathered victims. Make sure you’re willing to change skills any time your situation changes.

PvP – Many skills you don’t use in PvE are invaluable in PvP. Elixir R and Elixir C let you turn the tables in PvP by removing conditions and breaking stuns. The Med Kit and the Packaged Meds trait keep your allies fighting as long as possible.

Again, adapt your kits to fit the situation. The Flamethrower is great when you have to keep up with a fast-moving group. In situations where you don’t want to get too close to the fighting, use the Grenade Kit’s range to your advantage.

If you aren’t moving around as much, turrets and the Mortar can be very useful. For close range fighting, use the Tool Kit. Alternatively, use the Bomb Kit when enemies are clustered together.

Activate the abilities of the Utility Goggles to boost the damage of any of your weapons or skills. Elixir X can catch the other team off guard and gain the advantage by changing you into one of three forms. It’s risky because you can’t choose which form you’ll take, but all of them are powerful.

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