Guild Wars 2 Elementalist PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – The elementalists’ power lies in their flexibility. Their ability to shift almost effortlessly between damage dealing, healing, and buff /debuffing makes them very effective in virtually any situation.

Even in the middle of a fight, you can switch from high area-of-effect damage to keeping everyone healed, weakening high-priority targets then back to wreaking stuff.

First thing you need to figure out whether you like close-range (dagger main hand) or medium-range fighting (scepter main hand), and invest strongly in your weapons.

Keep your main weapon up to date at all times. You’re a light armor wearer, and that means you never want to stand still and take hits. You want power and precision to lay waste to your foes, so your weapons (and therefore, skills) are incredibly important.

For group work, the scepter and staves give you the ability to hit large numbers of enemies at a range. You also don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed, and you have reliable control over the battle’s progression. If anything unfortunate happens, switch to Water spells and save your allies. A staff wielding, Water casting elementalist is absolutely overpowered as a healer.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stand still to cast your spells. Stay mobile, kite enemies and dodge attacks.

PvP – You’ll want to use a Staff or a Scepter in PvP, as the short range of the dagger can put you uncomfortably close to the enemy. Since the Elementalist is very lightly armored, you can imagine why this is undesirable.

The elementalist is very versatile and can adapt to the needs of the situation. You can use massive AoE damage with Fire to devastate the enemy, or use Water class spells to heal up your allies.

You can use Air spells for focused high single target damage and Earth for buffs/debuffs. Skilled elementalists must learn to shift between elemental attunements as soon as a need for something new arises.

A number of slot skills work well in PvP. The signet and cantrip spells are especially useful for getting around the field and controlling fights. Signet spells give you great passive abilities combined with conditions that disrupt your enemies.

Cantrips break Stun and help your elementalist stay three steps ahead of your rivals. Remember, you’re very fragile, so getting stunned or rooted usually means a quick defeat.

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