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Guild Wars 2 Already Victim To Mass Hacker Attack

The newest MMO on the market has already taken a big hit very early in it’s lifespan from the enterprising hackers in China. In this attack, more than 11,000 accounts for Guild Wars 2 were hacked by China-based password crackers.

Presumably this is so that the accounts can be sold on the illicit MMO black market for whatever coin they can make out of it.

Players of MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft aren’t strangers to these kinds of attacks, and many go to extreme lengths to make sure that their accounts stay protected against this kind of crime.

What’s really surprising is just how early into the cycle of Guild Wars 2 that the crackers have begun to mount their attack.

ArenaNet are vigilant though and are already sending out email alerts to anybody who’s account has been attempted upon in an effort to curtail this heist.

I just checked my email to find my inbox spammed with messages from ArenaNet asking me to authorize login attempts… I haven’t read every single message but it looks like everyone was from a different city and IP address, all in China

Reportedly, the hackers have been going around various different game forums and fan websites to source data from so that they can get the precious login information that they need to steal the account. ArenaNet have already made public announcements to warn their players of these attempts and that their accounts do need to be kept safe:

If you don’t want your account hacked, don’t use the same email address and password for Guild Wars 2 that you’ve used for another game or web site. Hackers have big lists of email addresses and passwords that they’ve harvested from malware and from security vulnerabilities in other games and web sites, and they’re systematically testing Guild Wars 2 looking for matching accounts.

Source: GlobalPost