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C&C: Generals 2 To Have Single Player Campaign

Back when Command & Conquer: Generals 2 was announced to be a free-to-play game, it was also added that the game might loose it’s single player campaign and hence focus only on multiplayer.

Frank Gibeau, EA Labels boss has now revealed that the game will have a single player campaign. He further mentioned that they decided on this because they know what players want.

Talking to Polygon, Gibeau said:

Does that mean it’s not going to have single-player? No, that’s something we’ve obviously heard loud and clear that is important to people.

The beauty of free-to-play, is that we can adjust and adapt to what we’re hearing as opposed to, ‘I’m sorry, it’s two months from ship and it is what it is.’ It’s a very different model because you don’t have to build as much. You build in response to your audience.

Gibeau also said that EA always planned to build something that the fans would want.

We started with, ‘How do we build a triple-A Command & Conquer experience?’. Is the best way to go to market, premium or is the best way to go to market, free-to-play? We’re like, ‘We’ll get the biggest market with free-to-play and we can evolve it over time based on what we see happening inside the service.

Our goal is to evolve the service in response to what people want and that’s the beauty of free-to-play: You build as you receive information from your audience. When you build a premium game you have to go way in the hole, in terms of spending out a lot of money building a certain experience and then putting it out there to see how people respond.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is currently said to be released next year.