Borderlands 2: Pitchford Was Initially Against Zero’s Melee Tree

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox has confessed that he never was a fan of Zero’s melee tree.

Talking with PlayerAttack, Pitchford said that initially he was against the teleporting melee skill tree but in the end his team proved him wrong.

The entire Bloodshed skill tree for the assassin is thanks to them ignoring what my experience would have informed would have been a risk, and ploughing away anyway and forcing it through and making some really great gameplay as a result.

Pitchford said that he enjoyed being part of a team that challenged his vision.

These guys are able to say, ‘I hear your point, and I understand what you’re bringing to the table Randy, but I really think I can pull this off. I want to try it because I’ve thought this through myself, and I’m looking at it a little more closely than you are, and I’m looking at some details that you’re not seeing,’.

There were cases where [Hellquist] just put his heart and soul into things that only worked because he cared so much. There were other risks he wanted to take that I didn’t think were going to work. He proved me wrong – they not only worked, but worked brilliantly.

Borderlands 2 will release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on September 18.

Source. PlayerAttack