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Borderlands 2 Live-Action Trailer

Borderlands 2 Siren
The live-action trailer that played during ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown yesterday touts “best co-op ever” for Borderlands 2.

It was only 30 seconds, but it was 30 seconds we all wanted. Unfortunately though, they didn’t release the trailer outside of the NFL countdown, so if you weren’t watching then you’ve probably missed it.

Well, that is unless you were the genius that managed to catch a shakycam recording of it and upload the trailer to YouTube. Warning, the following trailer may contain badly recorded audio:

Gearbox sure do love their live-action stints, don’t they? What with the Angel from Borderlands being recorded entirely in live-action, and Lilith fulfilling the same role in the sequel with even more live-action effects.

Could this trailer hint at even more live-action videos and content coming in the near future? I sure hope so.