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Guild Wars 2 Ruins Of Orr Jumping Puzzle Guide – Locations and Solutions

Jumping puzzles are a fun short adventures in Guild Wars 2, but sometimes they can be a bit of a headache. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of solutions for you. This guide specifically deals with the puzzles found in the Ruins Of Orr.

Vizier’s Tower Puzzle
Location. This puzzle is located in the Straits of Devastation on an Island directly east Lone Post Waypoint.

The puzzle can be started on the broken bridge southwest of the tower. Opening the chest in this puzzle will cause an event to trigger in which you have to kill a Risen Wizard patrolling the tower. The loot chest can only be opened once. Afterwards, only the visual will appear.

Antre of Adjournment Puzzle
Location. This puzzle can be found in the Valley of Lyss way point in the Malchor’s Leap. More specifically, its in the tunnel in the water north of the bridge directly east of the Valley of Lyss Waypoint.

Upon entering the puzzle you must swim under the rock into the first hole and then jump up. Make 4 jumps to four different columns. Facing directly east jump into the V shape rock and run up on it. Then Jump up and on the same rock structure, there is a small chest.

Keep moving to the southwest by jumping down towards more ledges. You will have to make approximately four jumps and then jump to a ledge. There you will find another small chest. (You will be facing South before you make this jump to the chest).

Continue facing south hop to the cliff there in the shadows is another chest. Finally change directions take north and hop on to the slanted edge. Run up the slant and jump on to the next ledge.

Jump up a couple of times. When you are on a column that messes with your camera face north and jump up the columns to a new level of the cave finding another chest there.

Proceed carefully now there are holes! Jump south across the other side and then on your left will be another small chest.

Now there are two options to go from here North or South:

South – Jump to the right column, turn to the way you came from, jump on the very small ledge, turn north and jump to the ledge across from you (this may be easier for an asura).

North – You’ll have to jump north to the next 3 ledges – the third is very small; after the small ledge, jump to the cliff and find the chest. South, your chest is right in front of you if you do a few jumps.

‘Both’ SIDES CAN GET THE SAME CHESTS. Use your camera to find ways to get to them. Now you’ll have to start from the North previous chest. Jump up a couple of times and run/jump to the single column and to the next cliff! YOU SHOULD SEE THE BIG CAHUNA! Tread very carefully though there are holes here.

Scavenger’s Chasm Puzzle
Location. This puzzle can be found in hope falls in Malchor’s leap near the valley of Lyss way point. To enter the puzzle go along the right side of the cliff until you are right before the waterfall.

There will be a little ledge on the left side of the waterfall hop on to it. Make your way down and once you are at the bottom you will see the entrance.

The goal in this puzzle is to basically open three chests, which require orbs. The orbs are also hidden in the puzzle. The three chest require 2,4, and six orbs respectively to open them.

They can only be opened in this order. See this video for detailed solution of this puzzle.

Buried Archives Puzzle
Location. This puzzle can be found by tracing a path on the exterior eastern side of the Cathedral of Silence in the cursed shore area.

The first section of this puzzle leads to the southernmost vista in the zone. All you have to do is to make your way up to the side of the mountain via the rocks and coral pads to a small tomb rigged with traps on the outside and several ghost on the inside.

Upon approaching the chest a Veteran Risen will spawn, vanquish it and claim your prize.