Guild Wars 2 Maguuma Jungle Puzzles Guide – Locations and Solutions

Jumping puzzles are a fun short adventures in Guild Wars 2, but sometimes they can be a bit of a headache. Luckily, for you, we have compiled a list of solutions for you. This guide specifically deals with the puzzles found in the Magguma Jungle.

Dark Reverie
Location. This puzzle can be found in the south-eastern part of Caledon Forest. More specifically it can be found just behind Morgan’s Leap inside the Dreamdark Enclave.

When you enter the outpost in the back of the platform hop down from the mushrooms to get to the Dreamdark Enclave. The cave is quite straightforward and right at the back of the cave is a splendid chest waiting for you.

Be warned though, most of the foes you meet, will be Veteran level.

You can find another way up the mushrooms near the aforementioned chest, leading to a platform to the west of the outpost, where you’ll find another Splendid Chest and where you’ll receive the Dark Reverie explorer achievement.

Morgan’s Leap
Location. This puzzle is located near the Morgan spiral skill point in the south-eastern part of Caledon forest.

If the tree is alive, run up its leaves and get to the top. Then make your way north towards the Tamer Chyde. Once you get there you will find a small chest and also get Morgan’s Leap achievement. The moving platforms along the way are just scenery; timed jumps aren’t required.

Spekks’ Laboratory
Location. This puzzle can be found in the western part of the Caledon forest. More specifically in Sandycove Beach, just follow the river west from Bay Haven to its source.

Once you enter the laboratory use the control panel to materialize rock and then move across them quickly before they vanish again. Should you fall, talk to a Lab Assistant to be teleported to the last station you reached. There are 6 of these checkpoints in total.

Some platforms from station five are un accessible jump on to the ledge on your left and then go back to the blue platform from the ledge’s end. The last Control Panel is a bit hidden. When you see the four level 10 Security Golems, turn around, and you’ll see it.

Tinkering with the control panel will cause the golems to activate. You need to kill all the Golems to disable the force field behind them to get to the splendid chest.

Spelunker’s Delve
Location. The puzzle is located South of Caer Verdant.

Once you enter the cave make your way forward until you fall into the water. Swim through the water killing or neglecting your enemies until you reach land again.

Jump across the mushrooms and the logs. When a fork comes up ahead of you take the left root the right path leads nowhere. The logs will start to round the cave wall toward the end of the puzzle and there is another split. Take the left log, again.

At the end you will find the chest.

Goemm’s Lab
Location. This puzzle is situated in the skies above the Metrica province.

The entrance can be found south of the Cuatl Morass waypoint hidden by the shrubberies in the eastern rocks. The path to the first gate is straightforward just follow the floating platforms to the asura gate.

A small chest is to the right.

(Continuing from the chest) – From this point, you will always be presented with two routes, and you will have to go through each path in the right order to progress beyond the next gate.

One path will lead you to an attuner device; you have to take this one first as you must be attuned to progress through the next gate. After getting yourself attuned take the other path to the next gate which leads to the next station.

Windy Station
When you enter the windy station after a few jumps, before the left turn, a path branches to your right and downward. Follow it for the Attuner Device.

Return to the main path and follow it to the gate to the Stormy station. There are gusts of wind that’ll blow you off the pathways. They blow in a predictable pattern and can be avoided by proper timing.

Stormy Station
When the lightning strikes all the platforms begin by making two jumps thereafter, jump one more platform after each strike until you are past.

Do not get hit by the lightning as it will cause you to slow down and make harder for you to make the jumps in the given time.

However, if you are struck towards the end of the strike sequence (and thus can survive the strikes), you may resume jumping during the brief calm after the all-platform strike.

When you reach the tree trunk, you will be offered two paths take the northern path that leads to the attuner device and then the southern part that leads to the gate of the Chilly Station.

Chilly Station
The blue gusts will chill your character and thus prevents you from completing further jumps until the effect wears off. Since the gusts deal no damage, it is possible to jump half the platforms, wait out the chill, then continue jumping.

At the second Ice Elemental, turn around to find some small platforms leading to the Attuner Device. Then continue as usual.

Goemm’s Lab
Make six more jumps and you will come across Goemm, the mad Veteran boss (defeating him is optional) and a splendid chest.

Conundrum Cubed
Location. This puzzle is located in the northwestern part of Mount Maelstrom north of the Govoran Waypoint.

After entering the cave scale the cube mountain up to eye level with some spikey cubes. These cubes will release spikes in 10-second intervals. Jump the four cubes to the root.

If you run into an electric spark you will be transported to another root. Run down the root into the structure with the rats and the moving logs.

When the swinging logs have stopped moving rush over into the next spark. You will be teleported to a hill. Cross 4 spoke-cubes to the spark across the from you.

Either one will teleport you up. Progress through the next 2 or 3 sparks to reach the chest and unlock achievement.