Guild Wars 2 Kryta Jumping Puzzles Guide – Locations and Solutions

This guide deals with the jumping puzzle found in the Guild Wars 2 Kryta, the last of human kingdom established in Tyria. These puzzles are a bit of a brain teaser, but we are here to alleviate you of this problem.

Swashbuckler Cove Puzzle
Location. You will find your first jumping puzzle in Kryta in the south of Gendarran Fields in Swashbuckler Cove.

Make your way past the skale through the passage. Plunge into the water, kill the skale inside and take note of the gust pattern from the Drake heads to time your swim through.

After swimming down and back after the rock face vanishes, gaze up, and you would see a small hole in the ledge. Go through the hole and you will face a lot of skales kill them or swim past through them to make your way on to land.

You will find yourself in a room with four torches and ghosts. All of these torches must be lit at the same time to make the ghost veteran spawn. Once you have defeated the boss ghost a passage will open.

The passage is located under the water. Dive into the water and a purple glow will be coming from one section of the rocks. Swim through the tunnel and surface on the other side.

Kill all the enemies and enter the tunnel but be warned that the rock falls will deal heavy damage so use dodge to avoid their attacks.

On the other side of the tunnel take out a bag of Moa feed and use the speed boost to reach the chest across the gap. Put down the bag of Moa feed away from the chest.

Remember not to touch the chest before placing the bag. If you open the chest without distracting the Moa, it will turn hostile.

Fawcett’s Bounty Puzzle
Location. The second puzzle can be found in Harathi Hinterlands in Fawcett’s bounty north of Arca lake – North-east of the Arca lake is the entrance to this puzzle. Interact with the gate to open the puzzle.

To open in the next room pick up the boulders from the stream and put them on the three pressure plates in the chamber. One is right next to the Creek itself. One is tucked away to the right of the gate. One is above the Creek’s waterfall.

The next chamber is made of a shambling floor. When stepped on the floor will fall away. To cross through this section run across the falling rocks to safety also jump constantly to make it in time. If you fall, you will be killed by the spikes below and recieve the Fawcett’s Revenge achievement.

The rooms or chambers that follow are filled with AoE traps and ghosts. These traps cause massive damage so avoid them at all cost. After making your way through these hallways you will fall into a cove filled with water and a pirate ship.

Make your way through the wooden platforms on the sip battling its ghostly crew members and gain access to a creek, which leads to even more platforms. Go past these platforms and position yourself on a beam to jump on the pirate ship’s bow.

After landing on the ship fall into the hold of the ship through the deck to get to the chest.

Collapsed Observatory Puzzle
Location. The third puzzle in Kryta is the collapsed observatory found in the south-east corner Kessex hills.

Make your way south from a Cereboth Canyon way point cross the river and up to the ledge with cave bats.
Fall down from the first water fall and continue.

At the end of the stairs hop on to the thin ledge along the wall. Shimmy along the wall until you reach a straight wooden plank. Drop down on to the wooden plank and fall down to face with a veteran jungle troll guarding a chest.

Weyandt’s Revenge Puzzle
Location. To find Weyandt’s Revenge puzzle you must go south east of Lion’s Arch.

It can be accessed through the water fall slide in shark maw caverns right next to the vista. At the puzzle exit, after leaving the chest room through a hole in a wall, First Mate Shane will offer the level 40 rare pirate-themed weapons for 9800 karma.

You will not face any hostiles in this puzzle. Just keep to the left when jumping down the first hole to avoid getting killed from the fall. Jump into the right hole which looks like the entrance of the cave.

Urmaug’s Secret Puzzle
Location. Urmaug’s Secret puzzle is located in postern ward located in the north east side of Lion’s Arch. It can be accessed via the cave behind Urmaug.

There are no foes to be found while doing this puzzle. Here is a video showing the solution of this puzzle.

Troll’s End Puzzle
Location. Troll’s end is a puzzle found in the Lion’s Arch located near the Trader’s forum way point. It can be accessed by going to the Vista and then jumping straight down into the hole right below.

There are no enemies to be found in this puzzle either. Here is a video showing the solution of this puzzle.

The Demongrub Pits Puzzle
The Demongrub pit is both an area, and a jumping puzzle found in Queensdale The puzzle bit can be accessed through the entrance of the cave in Taminn foothills.

This puzzle has three chests as its reward. Go along the right hand wall and hop along the platforms.
Enter a chamber with pillars and bats.

Make your way to the back of the room where there is a torch right next to a collapsed beam. Right to the skelk cave is a hole, go jump through it.

You will enter a room filled with Ooze and also containing your chest. Furthermore, the other two chest can be acquired through these steps:

  • To get the first chest with the veteran spider just jump across the path near the lone npc.
  • Below the chest with the veteran spider and its group is a bag with a random consumable or item inside.
  • To get to it jump onto the ledge directly below the vet’s ledge and then turn around and jump down again to the other one under the vet’s ledge.
  • Grab it then hop off and continue the main path to the splendid chest.

Professor’s Portman’s Lab Puzzle
Location. Professor’s Portman’s lab is a jumping puzzle which can be found in the western-part of the blood tide coast. The entrance to the puzzle is underwater and directly west of Sorrowful Waypoint, in the western-part of Bloodtide Coast.

Dive underwater and enter through the glass panels. Demolish one of the two light post looking things on either side of the cave. The repair bot will rush towards to repair it, and you must complete the next step before they repair the light post things.

Rush to the console and enter YES YES YES The console will want you to reconsider with the option of abort do not take it. Select the option ‘no’ when it comes up.

You will have to wait again before the option to ‘abort-auto-abort’ comes up for a moment. Quickly select this option. If you completed this sequence in time, the gate will transform.

Now tinker with the three consoles to the right side of the gate until the sequence: 14.xx – 49.xx – 00.228 appears.

Look at any of the 3 consoles to the right of the portal, and note the numbers.

First Number:

  • 1 = 2:56
  • 2 = 8:19
  • 3 = 14:32

Second Number:

  • 1 = 65
  • 2 = 28
  • 3 = 49

Third Number:

  • 1 = .015
  • 2 = .038
  • 3 = .022

This should give you a series, like 1, 1, 1 (which would be 2:56, 65, 0.015). What you want is your number to be 3, 3, 3.

Now, the key!

  • Increase in top console: -1, -1, +1 Decrease in top console: +1, +1, -1
  • Increase in middle console: +1, +1, +1 Decrease in middle console: -1, -1, -1
  • Increase in bottom console: +1, -1, -1 Decrease in bottom console: -1, +1, +1

The sequence loops around, so going below one moves you to 3, and going above three moves you to 1. Enter the gate. If done correctly, you will be teleported to a platform with a Splendid Chest. If done incorrectly, you will be teleported somewhere in the zone.

If those are too many numbers for you to comprehend here is a video showing the solution of this puzzle.