Guild Wars 2 Ascalon Jumping Puzzles Guide – Locations and Solutions

If you somehow aren’t aware yet, Jumping Puzzles are small open world quests, including a hidden path that can lead you to some treasure.

On completing each puzzle, you will be rewarded with the Explorer Achievement. So, if you are exploring Ascalon, you may want to have a look at these small yet trick puzzles and their solutions.

Behem Gauntlet Jumping Puzzle
Location. You will find the Behem Gaunlet in the east side of Blazeridge Steppes. There is a spider cave in the area, and if you go to the eastern section behind the rock in the cave, you will find this jumping puzzle.

After you reach the spider cave area (Behem Waypoint), you will find the entrance behind a big stone.

Climb up the rocks you find on the right side and the jump to the left. From the open room, move along the footpath on the right side and then jump across the mushroom spawn. Now, you will be able to spot a suspended rock. Jump unto the platform on the right side of the rock.

After reaching the ground, follow the left path until you reach the edge of the cliff. From here, you will be able to spot a small rock down there where you can jump on. Next, jump onto the ground patch ahead of you.

Here, you will be able to spot a chest on your left placed on some rocks. Get to it to grab the loot and achievement.

Branded Mine Jumping Puzzle
Location. You can find this puzzle in Field of Ruins, just south of Varim’s Run.

If you are looking for a solution for this puzzle, check out this video.

Chaos Crystal Cavern Jumping Puzzle
Location. As your reach Piken Ruins Waypoint (in Iron Marches), you will find this puzzle.

This puzzle involves jumping over a long series of hurdles until you finally reach a chest. For the solution, you can refer to this video guide.

Craze’s Folly Jumping Puzzle
Location. You will find this jumping puzzle in the north-eastern section of Blazeridge Steppes.

As you enter the archway, you will find a Separatist protecting a broken stairway. The stairway will lead to an open area. Head to the ruins ahead by climbing up the ridge. From here, jump on to the ledge by the hill side leading to the cave entrance.

As you climb up the cave, you will find the first chest bonus. Track back to the location of bats and drop down through the gap in the rocks and move along the path until you meet a Cave Troll. Kill him to get the chest as a bonus.

Crimson Plateau Jumping Puzzle
Location. You can find it in the southeast part of the Diessa Plateau. It’s on the big rock structure south of the Redreave Mill.

Just like most of the jumping puzzles, you can find this chest by jumping over the various platforms. For visual demonstration, you can watch this video.

Grendich Gamble Jumping Puzzle
Location. In the western section of Diessa Plateau, you can find this puzzle near the building near the Skill Challenge having Cannons and Trebuchets on it.

Move over the cannons and follow the path outside the round tower. Now, jump up the wall (similar to stairs), and then move through the middle and the platforms ahead. Next, there will be an old wall outside, jump onto it.

Now jump onto the beams below and then the ones above. When you reach the top, a boss mob will be there to give you some trouble before you can grab the reward.