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What You Can Get For $15 In Guild Wars 2

Traditionally, MMOs are based around the subscription model, you pay around 15-20 bucks and you get to play for a month. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have a subscription model (it’s a one-time-purchase), but it does have a micro-transaction option. You can pay a small amount of real money to get a number of gems, which will allow you to purchase things from the store. So what can you get from the store for the 15 dollars you’d normally pay for most MMOs?

People at Gameinformer have done some research into this and made a small list as well as a spreadsheet table with conversion of how what you can get and how much it’ll set you back. As in game gems can be traded for silver their prices are listed in gold, silver and dollars. The rate used in this list is 100 silver to 367 gems.

The Utilitarian: $15
Additional character slot ($10, 2g17s), bag slot ($5, 1g9s)

The Hippie Chef: $14.38
Cook’s Outfit ($8.75, 1g91s), Inventor’s Sunglasses ($1.88, 41s), Minis 3-Pack [non-combat pets] ($3.75, 82s)

The Prettiest Princess: $15.94
Dye Pack ($2.50, 55s), Glory Booster 5-Pack ($3.44, 75s), Fine Transmutation Stone 25-Pack ($10, 2g18s)

The PvP Peacock: $14.19
Krytan Armor Skin ($6.25, 1g36), Tournament Ticket 30-Pack ($4.50, 98s), Cow Finisher 5-Pack ($3.44, 75s)

The Gracious Hostess: $15
Evon Gnashblade’s Box o’ Fun 5-Pack ($12.50, 2g72s), Top Hat ($2.50, 55s)

The Prepared Raider: $15
Instant Repair Canister 5-Pack ($3.75, 82s), Revive Orb 5-Pack($11.25, 2g45s)

The Leveling Machine: $15.32
Experience Booster 5-Pack ($6.88, 1g50s), Killstreak Experience Booster 5-Pack ($5.63, 1g23s), Bank Access Express 5-Pack ($1.56, 34s), Black Lion Merchant Express 5-Pack ($1.25, 27s)

None of these items (or any items in the store) are pay-to-win, they are purely cosmetic or boosts. And since you can buy gems using in game currency with a pretty decent exchange rate there’s no real reason to feel like you’re being left out if you don’t purchase.