Planetside 2: How To Change Vehicle FOV

Currently there is no in-game support for changing FOV (Field of View) for vehicles. Yes, you can change it for infantry but not for the vehicles. Hence, the view is fixed at a value of 80 which feels very narrow.

The following changer will increase your vehicle’s FOV up to 150 degrees which makes it look great on larger screens.

Using it is simple. Just leave it running in the background while playing Planetside 2. The FOV will automatically be changed once your enter and exit a vehicle.

Note that you might need to run it as an admin. Also the mod is dependent on the version. Hence, it won’t work if Planetside 2 is updated. There is also a chance that the mod will be detected as a cheat so use it at your own risk.

Download Mod

[via WSGF]