I Am Alive (PC) Errors, Crashes, Key Binds, Stuttering, Freezes and Fixes

I Am Alive after its somewhat mediocre performance on the consoles has finally been released on PC and since it’s a console port, you can expect few compatibility issues hindering your experience playing the game. Furthermore, we will take this opportunity to thank Ubisoft for getting rid of their ‘Always On’ DRM, which has led to least troubleshooting issues faced by I Am Alive when it is put against recently released Ubisoft games on PC.

In the worst-case scenario, if you are experiencing any problem with them, you can look for a workaround in the list or ask us in the comments.

#1 I am Alive – Problem in Binding Keys
If you having trouble in changing/saving the key bindings then delete the user settings file:


Validating the game files can also fix the problem.

#2 I am Alive – Game Stuttering/Freezing
The problem can occur due to some missing files. Try verifying the integrity of the game files or try a fresh install. Or you can set the tripplebuffering to true in steamapps/common/Iamlive/src/system/UserSettings file.

#3 I am Alive – DRM Lag
Since Ubisoft has announced that its games on PC will no longer require a permanent internet connection, you can disconnect the internet and have a smoother experience.

#4 I am Alive – Graphics Card Not Supported
There are many cards (especially the latest chipsets) that may not be in the supported list of the game by default but will still manage to run it. Or you can try switch your gfx settings to auto.

#5 I am Alive – Gamepad Issues
If you can’t make your gamepad work, first thing you should try is delete the user settings file (steamapps/common/Iamlive/src/system/UserSettings) and then verify the game files via steam. You can also make use of this tool to fix the problem.

#6 I am Alive – Critical Error
If you are getting this error, you may want to re-validate game cache

If your problem isn’t listed, ask us in the comments and we will help you out!