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Halo 4: Promethean Enemies & Weapons Revealed

Below are Promethean enemies and weapons that have been revealed today.

Promethean Enemies

Armed with a Light Rifle and Suppressor, Knights are the captains of the Promethean force. Tasked with defending an artificial world called Requim, they are capable of calling in reinforcements for more fire power. Considered to have a superior intelligence, an encounter with a Knight can prove to be your last.

Knight Lancer
Lancers carry Promethean vision which enables them to track targets even behind solid objects. Combined with their excellent marksmanship over long distances, Lancers are said to be the perfect scouts.

Knight Commander
Every group of Knights has a Commander that leads them into battle. Knight Commanders excel in combat and wield greater fire power. They are heavily armored and are armed with Incineration Cannons. If the need be then they can also deploy sentry turrets to lock down an area.

Knight Battlewagon
Batlewagons are deployed once the main Promethean forces have failed. They are heavily armored and have a hard light shielding. Similar to Commanders, they can also deploy their own sentries. In addition they can make use of Scattershot to take down hordes of enemies.

These robotic fiends are capable of flight. Once activated on the battlefield, Watchers will seek out to resurrect Knights or summon Crawlers to aid in battle. Their basic attacks come from Boltshots and their ability of creating shields for other Prometheans can be of high use.

When summoned, Crawlers will pounce on the enemy in packs. They are extremely agile and can surround an enemy before he even knows what’s happening.

Alpha Crawler
Every group has a leader and it’s the same case here. Each pack of Crawlers will consist of an Alpha leader that uses Suppressors as a ranged weapon. They are easily distinguished from the rest of the pack by spikes on their head and back.

Promethean Weapons

This energy pistol has been in use for more than two centuries. It is perfectly designed for close combat where it is capable of disintegrating any organic matter.

Binary Rifle
Where power meets accuracy. The binary rifle can bring down any foe with a single shot from afar. The power behind each shot is unparalleled and you will feel that once you pull the trigger.

Incineration Cannon
If you’re looking for destruction on massive scales then this is the weapon for you. The Incineration Cannon fires explosive rounds that detonate on impact. The trajectory is spread so you’ll be able to cover more ground.

Light Rifle
The Light Rifle has a sleek look and a favorite choice for soldiers on the battlefield. It offers two modes of fire, burst mode when shooting from the hip and precision single shot when scoped.

A light weapon that takes away less mobility from the user. Suppressors are automatic weapons that can take down organic foes in close – medium range.

A shotgun with a terrifying potential. There is no one that can stand up to such in close combat.

Pulse Grenade
On impact the Pulse Grenade creates a bubble which slows down vehicles and damages both shields and health in the specific area.

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