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TellTale Celebrates Sam & Max’s 25th Birthday With a Huge Sale

Do you love TellTale Games and their series of episodic adventure games?  Do you also love one of their most iconic series Sam & Max?  Well then, prepare to be excited as Sam & Max are turning 25 years old, and Telltale is celebrating by putting the entire series on sale.

Xbox Live has the “Back to School Sale” going on through September 10, 2012. You can pick up Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space and Sam & Max: Save the World for $10 (800 of Microsoft’s Imaginary Points) for each individual season

If PC playing and Steam is more your speed, they’ve got a Weekend Deal that lasts from September 13th – 16th, 2012.  This sale gives you the Sam & Max Complete Pack (includes all 3 seasons – Sam & Max: Save the World, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, and Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse) for $14.99 or you can pick up the individual seasons of Save the World and Beyond Time and Space  for $9.99 and Devil’s Playhouse for $11.49.

Maybe Mobile gaming is more your style! In the Apple App store now through October 1, 2012 you can nab each episode of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for $.99 each.

A die hard Playstation fan? Over on the PSN (SCEA) – Now through October 2, 2012 there’s a $20 Bundle Offer for Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, with $12.99 for each individual season.

If you’ve never played any of the Sam & Max Games, I’d say now is the time to do so!