Remember Me – Ten Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Remember Me debuted at Gamescom, and the game sees you take on the role of Nilin, a memory hunter operating in Neo-Paris in the year 2082. When she has her memory erased, she must use her contacts, cyberpunk skills, and martial arts training to uncover the intrigue surrounding her. The Gamescom trailer showcased the technique of “memory remixing.”

Now Capcom has released another trailer, this one featuring the game’s action sequences. It sees you running across the rooftops of Neo-Paris from an attack helicopter hell-bent on turning you to Swiss cheese. The platforming and combat looks fluid and spot on. Additionally, there is even a handy little menu that players can bring up during fights that lets them quickly select one of Nilin’s abilities to use against foes. For example, at one point she uses “Sensen D.O.S.” to stun three enemies, which gives her time to plant a “Logic Bomb” that blows up the trio.

Although the game looks fun, the only thing I could think of while watching the trailer was, ‘Man that pilot needs spectacles, he simply cannot shoot straight’.