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Rayman Jungle Run Coming to iOS This September

rayman jungle run
Rayman fans had reason to rejoice last year when we saw our hero return, true to form, in Rayman Origins
Now those fans have another reason to be excited as Ubisoft announced today that a Rayman game would be coming to their various iDevices.  Titles Rayman Jungle Run it seems to play like your typical side-scrolling endless runner but with a fancy Rayman theme! 

A bonus is that the game is also going to run on the same engine that Rayman Origins ran on, so it’s going to look pretty on your handheld iDevice with Retina Display.  There’s lots of hope that if this game takes off we could potentially see a port of Origins hit the app store in the future but only time will tell there.

There’s no price point yet but you’ll be able to pick it up on September 20th.