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More Halo 4 Details – Character Customization And Vehicles

Have you ever stumbled upon a present a few days after your birthday? Well, that’s what this feels like. You’d think that after learning so much about Halo 4 at PAX, there wouldn’t be any more surprises. But, then, you’d be wrong.

In Halo 4, there will be a much deeper level of customization for your multiplayer experience. You’ll be able to change your visors’ color, so that you can finally make your very own pink Space Marine, err, I mean… Spartan.

While Emblems aren’t exactly new, getting specialization specific ones are. Because, well, specializations are, you know, new…

Completely new to Halo 4, however, is the ability to change what your idle stance is. You know, I think your game has too much polish, when you’re offering multiple, alternative idling stances. (I’m going with assassin stance, by the way. It looks so bad ass.)

Fret not, friend. Actual, useful information was also released. The radar will now fully depict vehicles, as opposed to the big ol’ blob they once were. Now, you’ll be able to tell what you’re about to face, without the need to visually identify.

Halo comes out November 6th. exclusively on Xbox 360.