Minecraft Pocket Edition Adds Chests, Beds and Creepers, Oh My!

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been the best way for players to get their crafting fix on the go but has always been a bit lacking in content compared to its PC counterpart. 

Mojang looks to remedy that complaint with today’s update that adds some of the core elements that makes Minecraft what it is.  You’ll get chests to store items, beds to pass the dangerous night away, food to satiate your hunger, you can farm wheat and other plants, make dyes for your wool, make all sorts of new items associated with these additions and to top it all off: Creepers.

About 20 different bugs and glitches have been addressed and fixed, along with some minor tweaks and patches.  You can check out the patch notes at the official site: here.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is available on most mobile devices for $6.99 or Free if you want to take the lite version for a test run before commiting completely.