LOTRO: Dev Diary Reveals Epic Stories and The Riders of Rohan

The Riders of Rohan will be coming in just a month fellow hobbits/men/dwarves/elves, and the good people at Turbine have released another Dev Diary detailing some of the upcoming content in the expansion and comment on why it was made that way.

The developer diary also contains a few spoilers that I won’t go into here, but you can read it all on the LOTRO website if you’re interested. And don’t worry. It’s clearly marked where the spoiler section begins so you won’t accidentally graze into any story elements that you might want to keep a surprise. Additionally, the developer diary also reveals more about the epic story plans and how you can continue on to do Book 7 even if you haven’t purchased certain quest packs.

We also get to play as members of the fellowship to experience the journey for ourselves through session play. The Dev Diary details Frodo’s difficult decision of which path to take: to Boromir’s city of Minas Tirith, trusting to the strength of the armies of Gondor, or to the perils of Mordor when they’re at Amon Hen.