Kingdom Hearts 3D: 180,000 Copies Sold In The US

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has managed to sell over 180,000 copies for the Nintendo 3DS in the United States. This feat brings it to number 3 on the NPD top-ten chart for the month.

This is surpassed by New Super Mario Bros. 2 which has sold over 240,000 copies at retail in North America during the month of August, taking the second spot.

However, Nintendo did not reveal sales figures for the downloadable version of the game, which was released simultaneously with the retail version.

To put things in perspective Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, which was released for the PSP in 2010, sold 225,000 copies in its first month. Kingdom Hearts 3D has also sold less than Birth by Sleep in Japan. This could be due to the lower 3DS user-base as compared to the PSP (when Birth by Sleep was released), a more approachable storyline for newcomers, or the fact that Birth by Sleep launched with a PSP bundle in North America.