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KillZone Becomes Next Franchise to Get a Collection By Sony

Killzone 3
Acclaimed First Person Shooter KillZone is going to be the next set of games to be released under the new “Collection” series that PlayStation has been releasing as of late.

It comes alongside the first two entries God of War and InFamous and will offer a 720p update of the original KillZone as well as adding trophy support, along with all the DLC map packs for KillZone 2 and KillZone 3

For the discerning KillZone fan who already owns the latter two, though, you will have the opportunity to nab the revamped KillZone 1 on it’s own when it is slated to release shortly after the collections does; according to the official KillZone twitter feed, that is.

You’ll be able to pick up the collection for $39.99 on October 23rd in the US and for about €49.99 over in Europe the day after on October 24th.