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Thunder Wolves Announced – Terrorize The Skies With Your Chopper

Ubisoft has announced a new downloadble game that will be heading for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC next year.

Thunder Wolves is an old fashioned arcade shooter that features crazy helicopter action. Support for co-op is there so you and your friend can start planning on terrorizing the skies with one piloting and other shooting.

Almost every mission will have you and your squadron of helicopters causing damage and wreaking havoc. That includes convoy protection missions as well.

As the game progresses players can start upgrading their helicopters with additional and better weapons for attack and defense.

The game is being developers by the same team that brought you Defenders of Ardania.

More information regarding Thunder Wolves was not given, instead Ubisoft released a trailer. You can check that out below and know a bit more about it.