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Square Enix Gives Us Yet Another Mobile RPG – DrakeRider

Square-Enix continues its onslaught of overpriced mobile games today with the release of a new RPG entitled DrakeRider.

The world of Igraine is on the brink of destruction. The Dread are attacking, and only the dragalier Aran Lawson and his dragon companion, Eckhardt, can save it!  Or so the game’s story description goes.

Drakerider also attempts to make its combat stand out with a unique battle system that centers on how much control you want to exert over your dragon companion.  Instead of entering commands, you’ll control the reigns of your dragon to execute various attacks. For example, easing off the reins just a little will allow Eckhardt the freedom to unleash powerful swings and claw swipes. Too much leeway, however, and Eckhardt forgets who his master is and unleashes some dangerous attacks that could potentially injure you.

It definitely sounds like it could be an interesting new entry into the RPG genre, as we don’t have a whole lot of games that impliment mounted dragon combat, which is a shame.

Square-Enix announced this morning the availability of Drakerider for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad but no announced plans for an Android version over here in the states. Better get those pitchforks ready, guys.  You’ll be able to pick up the first chapter for free with subsequent chapters costing $6.99 each.  If you’ve got the pocket change, you can also pick up the full game in one go for $20.99