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Massive Crowd Control Overhaul in Diablo 3

Wyatt Cheng released another developer diary. This time, talking about how the current Crowd Control system makes certain spells feel weaker, as the player progresses. Currently, monsters get a flat % CC reduction, based on their level. So, even though your character is getting stronger, certain spells were feeling weaker. Here’s an explanation of the new system, taken from Wyatt Cheng’s post.

How It Works:

Monsters have a “CC resistance” that is stored on a per-monster basis.
The CC resistance starts at 0%. For every 1 second CC that is applied to the monster, the monster receives 10% CC resistance.

Monsters lose 10% of their CC resistance every second that they are not CC’d. Elite monster CC resistance is capped at the current reduction values already active for Elites. In other words, CC resistance on most Elite monsters is capped to:

35% in Normal
50% in Nightmare
65% in Hell
65% in Inferno

What This Means For the Player:

From a high level, diminishing returns are applied on consecutive stuns to reduce their effectiveness. You will never get an “Immune” message due to diminishing returns. Diminishing returns on Elite monsters cap out at the same values that are currently applied to Elite reductions.

As previous mentioned, this means that near-infinite CC strategies will still work. We’re okay with these strategies remaining viable, as we love how powerful it makes players feel. (That said, we will continue to keep an eye on these strategies and may make some changes in the future if we feel it will be better for the health of the game.)

If two players are in a co-op game, the order in which they apply their stuns doesn’t generally matter, so you shouldn’t feel totally “screwed over” by the other person applying their stun before yours. A character using only the occasional CC every 10-15 seconds will always get the full duration in all difficulty levels.”

At first glance, this seems to be a really smart change. Though, like most of the changes that are being made to Diablo 3, they really should have been in on release.