Football Manager 2013 Announced – New Trailer & Features Detailed

Being developed by Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2013 will be released just before Christmas this year.

With the announcement came also a trailer and details of some of the major features the game will host.

Based on feedbacks and personal experience, the developers realized that not everyone has enough time to dedicate to the game. Many wish just to play Football Manager and not spend hours trying to get most out of the game. Hence, Football Manager 2013 will feature the classic mode or FMC.

The FMC mode is an alternative for such players where they can play a full season in just eight to ten hours. The mode offers two modes of play: open-ended career or challenge mode.

The new challenge mode throws a situation to the player where he is asked to use his management skills for a set period of time. There will be a total of five challenges in the game.

Lastly the FMC mode will also include unlockable features. These features can be unlocked by reaching milestones in the game or can be bought (micros-transactions).

Here is a brief list of other new features Football Manager 2013 will have.

Improved 3D match engine
Significant changes have been made to the game’s engine. Compared to the previous game in the franchise, everything on your screen is going to stand out and look more realistic. The camera has been revamped as well to offer better and fluid viewing angles.

Improved media interaction
Managers can use a variety of vocal tones when dealing with the press. For example you can choose to be calm or go aggressive.

Network game
Setting up games or joining others over the network is better than ever. The improved network game also includes a number of bespoke, one-off league and cup options alongside the standard career version, including one mode which allows the player to take the team that he or she has built and developed in their single-player game and test it in the multi-player environment.

Worldwide leaderboards
Integrated into the new game, players will be able to see for the first time where they stand in the leaderboards. Individual leaderboards will cover players based on game modes, divisions and nations.

User interface
The new interface for the game gives a very pleasant site for veteran players. The navigation is now simpler and the developers have stated that it will be the best looking game in the series to date.

Enhanced training
Football Manager 2013 will include even more options for your team’s training. You can choose whether you’re going for a regular drill, warmup, general routine or preparing for a specific match.

Realistic tax regimes
One of the major factors which influences real world footballers when they come to choose which club to sign for is the different level of tax which is payable from one country to another. This is now reflected in FM13, which includes up-to-date tax regimes for each of its featured countries – something which the in-game footballers will take into account when deciding which club to join.