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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Escalation Mode Guide

Horde-styled modes are becoming a norm in just about every action game nowadays, and the sad truth is most of them are almost the same.

However, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron seems to have taken a slightly different approach to the wave-based mode, which makes it very different and possibly one of the most refined forms of horde multiplayer modes.

Called Escalation, a maximum team of four players are pit against 15 different waves with escalating difficulty. Each map is unique for the bots it offers for play, and what is more unique is the MMORPG-styled roles each character can play.

But know this, robots-in-disguise, that this is no ordinary horde mode – survival in this alone or with a bad team is ridiculously difficult, even on Easy difficulty. Thus, it is essential to have the finest team possible, with each player taking up a key role and knowing good positioning.

General Tips
The best general tip anyone can give you for Escalation mode is to stick to your role throughout, whether you are facing the easiest enemy ever or fighting some fire-breathing electro-mechanical abomination.

The healer should always be protected and in the back, constantly supporting and assisting his/her team. The tank and sentry should be upfront absorbing the damage, and dealing out most of it; their focus is to keep most of the enemies’ attention on them. The ammo supplier should be in a location that allows him/her to reach all players. Thus, a general central location is ideal for such a semi-support player.

Make sure you have good communication, and the Power Core possessor (the ammo supplier) should look to deploy it as much as possible, and also make sure that everyone is aware of it.

When it comes to the maps, try to utilize cover, and also switch your gun arm accordingly. Additionally, for better maneuverability, make sure you use your vehicle form. In addition to swiftness, it also gives you better defenses, so you take less damage. Jet transformers like Starscream and Shockwave are particularly useful, as they can open up space for some air-focused combat.

Try to use your melee whenever you can – it does a good bit of damage, and is super-effective when reloading, as it doesn’t delay the reload time at all.

Spending Credits
You’ll often be tempted to spend credits to buy some health or ammo from the pickup locations, but it’s often a good practice to actually open up as much of the map as possible. Also, try to spend money on the doors that would leave to the weapon upgrade room.

Of course, if you feel you might jeopardize your safety, then choose the safest possible unlocking route. Nevertheless, the simple rule is: unlock map areas first, and then think about other stuff.

Weapon Selection
You’ll come across various weapon pickups in the map, but most of the times the default weapons you have are absolutely fine. If you’ve played through the campaign, you might have developed a good idea of which weapon works best.

Generally, it’s best to save-up for opening the map instead of investing in this stuff, as the defaults are fine. However, weapons with high fire-rates and large inaccuracy can be quite concerning, as they deplete your ammo real fast, so you might want to consider changing those.

Maps and Team

You’ll be playing as the Autobots in this map. The Subsonic Repeater weapon here kind of sucks, so you might want to consider getting something else as quickly as possible. However, the initial spawn room is really tiny, and it’s actually best to open up some map space first to prevent your team getting overwhelmed quickly.

Cliffjumper possesses the Flak Shield here, hence being the tank, while Perceptor is the medic. Wheeljack has the Battle Sentry, and Jazz is your ammo-supplier.

Another small initial region, and hence it should be opened quickly. You start off with a really good weapon: the Neutron Assault Rifle, so you shouldn’t worry too much about spending money on anything else but the map.

You play as the Decepticons in this map, with Quake as the tank with the Flak Shield, Onslaught with the Heal Beam, Brawl with the Sentry, and Swindle with the Power Core.

This is a really cool map because it has an airstrike console and flame jets that can be activated with credits. However, these are secondary, as your primary focus should always be to open up the map as much as possible first. The Path Blaster weapon is excellent, and there is little to no need of changing it.

You play as the Autobots here. Optimus Prime is the tank, Ratchet is the medic, Bumblebee has the Power Core, and Warpath is the Sentry dude.

This is an interior map, and you play as the Decepticons here. The weapon you start off with is the Scatter Blaster, which is quite good.

Megatron is the tank here, Shockwave has the Heal Beam, Soundwave has the Battle Sentry, and Starscream is the ammo supplier.

Achievements Related to Escalation Mode

Octopunch Scavanger:

“Open fifteen Armory Recreators in either Campaign or Escalation”

This one can be a little difficult to execute in Escalation, as you’ll mostly be too busy in fending off waves or recuperating after one. Having said that, it’s not impossible, so you might want to give it a try.

Ultra Power Master:

“Spend 100,000 credits in Escalation”

This one is quite self-explanatory and easily achievable if you have a good team and can go through the various maps.

Rust Marks:

“Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Ancients)”

Space Pirates!:

“Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Oblivion)”

Maccadams Old Oil House:

“Complete wave 15 in Escalation (DownFall)”


“Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Ignition)”