The War Z: Colorado Map Size Detailed – Supports 250 Players At Max

Sergey Titov, Executive Producer of Hammerpoint Interactive, recently released two screenshots of the ‘Colorado’ map of upcoming zombie game The War Z.


Stretching for around 160-170 square kilometers of terrain, Titov says Colorado covers a massive, zombie-filled zone around the size of DayZ’s Chernarus, minus its ocean. The map’s average player count hovers somewhere around 130 players for a comfortable session, but at 200 or more, bumping into someone else could occur as frequently as every 15 minutes.


Judging from the screenshots, the map doesn’t really look that large, but maybe that’s because the trees are so huge they’re screwing with my perspective. They tower over the buildings, and appear to be hundreds of feet tall, and considering the lack of buildings visible in the picture, the trees are all we have to estimate scale off of.