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The Last of Us – 15 Minutes of Gameplay Footage From PAX

Back at E3, they showed off a demo for The Last of Us, that was simply astonishing. It was everything we had hoped The Lat of Us would be, but something we were all too skeptical could be real. Even with the demo, many of us were skeptical, assuming that it was just a staged demo.

With the recent release of this new video, that select members of the press got to see at E3, I feel like there’s no longer a reason to be skeptical.

This demo takes place in the exact same area, as the demo in E3. Only this time, it’s played in a completely different way. By simply taking a different route through the level, you experience a completely different game.

In the first demo, I would describe the gameplay as action oriented. In this one, it’s much more puzzle, exploration and stealth oriented.

Despite that, what stands out the most, is the dynamic AI. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Indeed, it almost does feel staged. Here’s to hoping it’s not.